New Netflix film to be set in Napa

American actress-turned-producer Amy Poehler is to step into the director’s seat with a new Netflix film called Wine Country set in California’s Napa Valley.

New film ‘Back to Burgundy’ explores problems of inheritance

A new film has been released that follows three siblings who inherit their father’s vineyard in Burgundy and are immediately faced with whether or not they should take on their family legacy or sell up to settle the tax bill.

Spanish film journalist receives top award at Bodega Matarromera

Spanish film journalist Javier Angulo has been presented with the Matarromera Golden Insignia by Carlos Moro, president of Bodega Matarromera, for his role in the dissemination of art and culture in Spain. 

Wine plays starring role in new Coppola film

Wine plays a starring role in Francis Ford Coppola’s wife Eleanor Coppola’s new film Paris Can Wait, with Coppola consulting with Maria Helm Sinskey on the food and wine pairings.

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