En Primeur

Bordeaux 2015: The great truffle hunt

In terms of both the inconsistent nature of the wines and their performance so far in the secondary market, Bordeaux 2015 remains a vintage dominated by “truffles” according to Liv-ex.

En primeur 2016 verdict: Out with a pop

It was an intriguing and often frustrating campaign on the whole but one might argue there were a number of positives to be taken away.

Primeurs and Asia boost BI

A “phenomenal” en primeur campaign and strong demand in Asia boosted UK fine wine merchant BI’s sales to £50 million it has reported.

Fine wine investment: is EP a ‘mug’s game’?

One of the great principles for investment of any kind, and fine wine investment is no exception, is to constantly question what you think you know. Many investors get blinded by beliefs which are actually erroneous; for instance is en primeur really a 'mug's game' now?

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