En Primeur

En primeur 2017: ‘Have we learned nothing?’

Another missed opportunity, too many overpriced wines gone begging, an utter lack of customer interest, plummeting sales, frustrated merchants and the worst campaign since 2013 – the 2017 primeurs will be swiftly forgotten but their legacy may be longer lasting.

Bordeaux 2017: Keeping up appearances

The release of Château Lafite yesterday afternoon will hopefully have provided a small tonic for merchants and customers in what has been, for the most part, a listless campaign.

Bordeaux 2017: Right Bank rush

Cheval Blanc and other leading Right Bank estates led a last blast of releases to set the seal (or perhaps last nail in the coffin) on the 2017 en primeur campaign.

Bordeaux 2017: The campaign’s Swan-Ausone

The release of Château Ausone finally, after almost three months, draws a line under the 2017 en primeur campaign.

Bordeaux 2017: The Left Bank

April 24th, 2018

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