En Primeur

En primeur 2016 verdict: Out with a pop

It was an intriguing and often frustrating campaign on the whole but one might argue there were a number of positives to be taken away.

Top 5 biggest price increases of Bordeaux 2016

The five biggest price hikes (on paper) from the recent 2016 Bordeaux en primeur campaign.

Bordeaux 2016: Lafite at last

The long-awaited second tranche of Lafite has finally been released and with a scattering of Right Bank names also out, the 2016 campaign has, finally, come to an end.

Fine wine investment: was 2016 EP a failure?

Now that the en primeur season is behind us it is interesting to reflect that many commentators are talking as though it has been something of a failure – but we beg to differ.

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