En Primeur

Bordeaux 2017: the conundrum vintage

Returning from the Bordeaux en primeur tastings, many UK merchants seem confident of the quality of the best wines in 2017 and the potential to sell them – but will wariness over the frost-struck vintage, uncertainty over pricing, the spectre of a long campaign and an apathetic market put paid to its chances before the wines are even released?

Bordeaux 2017: The frost report

Bordeaux 2017 will perhaps always be remembered as a 'frost vintage' but that is far too simplistic a term for what is a fascinating, complex and occasionally brilliant vintage.

English winery switches to ‘en primeur’ model

English winery Herbert Hall has announced it will be switching to an ‘en primeur’ system later this year, offering most of its cuvées on allocation.

Bordeaux 2017: A more amenable market but at what price?

The market for en primeur has improved immeasurably since the 2013 nadir says Liv-ex but with the 2017 vintage Bordeaux is immediately faced with the challenge of a small, frost-struck and potentially heterogeneous vintage and the pitfalls of pricing it.

Primeurs and Asia boost BI

July 25th, 2017

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