Dogfish Head

Delaware brewery prepares for the apocalypse with $45 survival beer

Delaware brewery Dogfish Head has launched a survival beer, a fruity ale which comes equipped with a Swiss army knife and a solar blanket for the modern-day Robinson Crusoe.

Nottingham brewery creates ‘bwine’

A Nottingham brewery has created a hybrid drink made from the fermentation of both malted grains and Pinot Grigio grapes – a drink that is neither beer nor wine, but bwine.

Dogfish Head brews ‘hoppiest ever’ beer

A US brewery has launched what it claims is the "hoppiest beer ever documented" measuring 658 IBUs, some 600 units higher than the average IPA.

Growing trend for craft beer and wine blends

A trend is developing in the United States for craft beers made both with grapes and spent lees.

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