Analysis: Mallya’s next move

Despite owing Indian banks an estimated £1.1bn including interest, Vijay Mallya, the chairman of India's United Breweries and former head of United Spirits, is not yet on his uppers, writes Ron Emler.

Scotch wins Chinese trademark battle

A Chinese court has handed an injunction to a company that was illegally labelling bottles of whisky as Scotch, which could set a legal precedent to protect the term.

Champagne fails to take food from kids’ mouths

Champagne trade body the Comité Champagne has failed in its attempt to stop children enjoying a fizzy drink called Champín.

Former Screaming Eagle owner indicted

Charles Banks, the former owner of Screaming Eagle, has been indicted in federal court on two counts of wire fraud, and could face up to 40 years in prison.

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