Growing thirst for cork among spirits brands

Cork stoppers are becoming an increasingly popular closure in the spirits world, with strong growth in particular from white spirits according to Amorim.

Wine under cork perceived as 15% better than screwcap

Wines bottled under cork are perceived to be 15% better quality than those closed with a screwcap according to the results of a recent scientific experiment.

Cork adds £5 to the value of wine

How much does a cork stopper add to the value of wine sold in the UK restaurant sector? Exactly £5.38, according to research released by APCOR yesterday.

Nomacorc changes name to ‘Vinventions’

Synthetic cork producer Nomacorc has changed its name to Vinventions, along with South African cork producer Juvenal and German cork maker Ohlinger, which all now fall under the Vinventions umbrella.

China driving a return to cork

September 20th, 2017


February 6th, 2017

CSG launches new line of corks

February 3rd, 2017

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