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Monday 27 February 2017 loc: GB


Wei Long winery aborts organic project in China

Chinese winery Wei Long Grape Wine Co is axing its organic wine project, less than a year after the company first announced the scheme last May.

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Fine wine investment: Petrus and the Fire Rooster

After a few years of muted activity in the wake of the government crackdown on corruption, China’s fine wine drinkers are showing signs of life again. Will the Year of the Rooster mark a return to form?

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开瓶起底: 天塞酒庄陈立忠

天塞酒庄庄主陈立忠在接受dbHK采访时,谈到她人生中获到的最有益的建议,她的必喝葡萄酒名单和一瓶1998年份的红颜容葡萄酒(Château Haut-Brion)。

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Frescobaldi global sales up 6%

Driven by strong demand from the US, global wine sales at Tuscany’s renowned Frescobaldi wine group have increased by around 6% in value in 2016 compared with 2015, according its president, Marchesi Leonardo Frescobaldi.

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Coravin: South America ‘the next frontier’

Coravin’s CEO Frédéric Levy has said that that after making “significant headway” across Asia Pacific, the company will look to South America as a new market for its devices.

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Uncorked: Chen Lizhong of Tiansai Vineyards

Chen Lizhong, founder of Tiansai Vineyards, talks to dbHK about the best advice she ever received, her wine bucket list and a fantastic bottle of 1998 Château Haut-Brion.

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Champagne still not fizzing in China

Champagne sales in China, the world’s fifth largest wine market, are still held back by consumers’ drinking habits, despite global sales of the prestigious sparkling wine continue to grow in both volume and value.

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Kerry Wines takes on Powell & Son

Hong Kong’s fine wine merchants, Kerry Wines has just announced it has acquired exclusive distribution to Powell & Son, owned by the outspoken Dave Powell and his son, Callum.

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dbHK launches weekly Chinese newsletter

dbHK has launched a weekly Chinese newsletter to bring the latest industry news and feature stories to its growing number of Chinese language readers in Asia and around the world.

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