The wine trade in New York and Los Angeles are invited to taste the world’s finest Grenaches

Australia is to take on France and the US in two comparative Grenache tastings in New York and Los Angeles later this month – and the trade are invited.

Wines confirmed for Grenache roadshow in the US

Domaine de Marcoux and Sine Qua Non are to be shown alongside Yangarra Estate in the US as part of a series of comparative tastings focused on the world’s finest examples of Grenache.

Bright prospects for Rhône wines in China

While more elegant Hermitage may be popular in China's southwestern Chengdu, Gicondas with higher alcoholic level, is often a favourite among drinkers in northern China.

The Southern Rhône makes its presence felt

The popularity of Southern Rhône wines is on the rise when it comes to iDealwine auctions as the region continues to makes a name for itself among fine wine enthusiasts.

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