Champagne Drappier

Drappier recycles Champagne bottles into candle gift set

Demonstrating its environmentally-friendly credentials, Champagne Drappier is offering an innovative new gift box that includes a bottle of its wine with a scented candle, itself made out of a recycled Champagne bottle.

Drappier ‘first’ carbon neutral Champagne house

Champagne Drappier has laid claim to being the first Champagne house to reduce its carbon footprint to zero after a 10-year effort.

Champagne Drappier buys vineyard to offset losses from frost

Champagne Drappier has bought 6.5 hectares of vineyards in its home village of Urville in the Côte des Bar, following two consecutive years of diminished supply due to spring frosts.

Piper-Heidsieck to switch to brown glass for all its Champagnes

Piper-Heidsieck is moving to brown glass bottles for all its Champagnes, starting with its Brut Non-Vintage.

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