Ed Sheeran and Robert Parker in Shape of You remix

Jordan Winery in Sonoma has created another of its popular wine-themed parody videos, this time featuring the Ed Sheeran hit Shape of You.

Faulconer: ‘We’re not chasing scores anymore’

Chilean winemakers have grown in confidence and are no longer making their wines to a recipe or chasing scores, according to Emily Faulconer of Carmen.

Cousiño Macul to release top-end Merlot

Family-owned Chilean wine estate Cousiño Macul is to release a high-end Merlot from the 2016 vintage using fruit from its icon wine Lota in a bid to raise the grape’s reputation.

Montes: Chile no longer the Volvo of the wine world

The days of Chile being considered the Volvo of the wine world – safe but boring – are long gone according to Aurelio Montes of Montes.

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