Brown Brothers


赵凤仪,第一位常驻中国的葡萄酒大师,和dbHK杂志进行了一次直接而坦诚的对话,谈到了自己孩童时代的英雄Jacques Cousteau,她一直不曾有机会向已故祖母提的问题,以及为何她对自己的满足度只给88分。

China’s thirst for Australian wine grows

Wine Australia toasted its producers' continued success in China at its recent roadshow, which promoted “Brand Australia” to a wider range of potential Chinese buyers.

奇葩中国美食的葡萄酒搭配 (五):夫妻肺片


Uncorked: Fongyee Walker MW

In a frank and off-the-cuff conversation with dbHK, Fongyee Walker MW talks about her childhood hero, Jacques Cousteau, all the questions that she did not get a chance to ask her grandmother, and why would she only gave herself 88 points for personal satisfaction.

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August 13th, 2015

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