Opossum devours bottle of Bourbon after breaking into liquor store

A drunken opossum went overboard at Thanksgiving this year after it was found the morning after at a Cash's liquor store in Florida beside a broken and empty bottle of Bourbon.

VIDEO: Jim Beam has created a voice-controlled smart decanter that pours on command

American whiskey brand Jim Beam has created the "world's first" intelligent bourbon decanter which will pour you a drink if you simply ask.

Ramón Bilbao owner buys stake in US whiskey Yellow Rose

Spain's Zamora Company, which owns brands such as Licor 43, Ramón Bilbao and Villa Massa Limoncello, has entered the American whiskey category having purchased a stake in the Texas-based craft whiskey brand Yellow Rose.

Stoli outlines plans for $150m distillery in Kentucky

Vodka maker Stoli has broken ground on its new US$150 million whisky distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky, where it will begin its expansion into the American whiskey category. 

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