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Champagne: A vintage year

The proliferation of vintage releases is one of the biggest recent trends in Champagne but what’s behind it?

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Bollinger的Special Cuvee究竟特殊在哪儿?

如同此前在db杂志报道的,去年将品牌和詹姆士邦德联系在一起的Bollinger目前开始将全新重点投放在酒款品质上,并于今年5月举办特别品酒活动,以解析旗下最热卖产品Special Cuvée的具体特别之处。 Bollinger主席Jérôme Philippon解释说,“向我们的合作者分享Special Cuvée究竟为何得名以及其特别不同之处尤为重要。为做这款酒,Bollinger花费了5年时间分析酒款,将其打造为市场上最成功的无年份香槟之一。Bollinger的酿酒师Giles Decôtes将其成功归结于5大“支柱”: 葡萄田 Bollinger自身拥有超过167公顷(截至2014年为165公顷)葡萄田,足够为酒庄供应品牌所需的60%以上原料,而据Decôtes称,这是在香槟少见的高比例,通常的香槟品牌只拥有能供应10%产量的葡萄田。这一点十分重要,因为这给予了酿酒团队“一致性”,他们能控制葡萄田的管理和收获,而且每年的葡萄产地都保持相同。 黑皮诺 高达60%的Bollinger葡萄田种植黑皮诺,这保证了品牌旗下的所有香槟都含有至少60%的黑皮诺,也因而给予了Bollinger这一品牌“黑皮诺香槟”的美名。 橡木桶 Bollinger拥有并制作3500个橡木桶,也就是说每年有将近一百万瓶香槟通过橡木桶发酵。“没有任何其它香槟产商(Krug除外)有这么多橡木桶。” Decôtes说。 陈年基酒 另外,Bollinger独一无二地将大量陈年基酒放在magnum(1.5L装)瓶中保存,而非不锈钢桶或大型橡木桶。“这是极大的不同之处,”Decôtes强调说,“现时我们就有超过75万瓶magnum陈酒按年份和村庄保存。” 时间 “第五大支柱即为时间,”Decôtes指出Bollinger的香槟陈年,包括Special Cuvée要比整个香槟产区的平均陈年时间多出两倍。“整个香槟区现在每年卖出大约30亿瓶香槟,而存货则在100亿瓶左右,也就是相当于三年的存货。而我们在Bollinger则有接近6年的存货,比平均水平高出一倍。”他继续补充,“时间对酒款风格的影响是极其重大的。” Decôtes解析Bollinger口味三要素: 水果:Special more…

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What makes Bollinger Special Cuvée special?

A masterclass in London last month looked closely at what makes Bollinger’s Brut NV – known as Special Cuvée – so special.

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Bollinger moves focus to Champagne credentials

Champagne Bollinger is putting a fresh emphasis on its wine credentials after last year’s focus on the brand’s association with James Bond.

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Calabrese opens new bar in HK

Famed bartender, Salvatore Calabrese who is behind some of the world’s most expensive cocktails has launched a new bar Salavatore at Maison Eight in Hong Kong.

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Bonhams lines up the claret and Champagne

Two “superb” collections of vintage Champagne and claret will lead Bonhams’ next London sale on 14 April.

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London restaurants: Top 10 changes in 25 years

What are the 10 biggest changes to London’s restaurant wine business over the past 25 years? One seasoned salesman shares his views with db.

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Champagne to rein in vintage releases

The recent trend for multiple vintage Champagne releases in a row is soon to end, according to the managing director of one key house in the region.

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Bollinger releases James Bond crystal set

Champagne Bollinger has released a limited edition crystal wine cooler, complete with a magnum of Bollinger, to mark the release of new James Bond film Spectre.

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Fine wine in focus: 2002 Champagne

The 2002 Champagnes are beneficiaries of the diversification of the fine wine market away from Bordeaux. Although this has brought about changes in pricing behaviour they can still be trusted to deliver solid returns.

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015 1 Comment »

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