Benoit Gouez

Champagne ‘overreacted’ to challenges of 2017 harvest

Growers may have “overreacted” to the challenges of this year’s vintage in Champagne because they are used to “easy harvests”, according to Moët & Chandon cellar master Benoît Gouez.

Moët launches Champagne from ‘exceptional year’

Moët & Chandon has launched its Grand Vintage Blanc and Rosé from the 2009 harvest, which chef de cave Benoît Gouez describes as “an exceptional year” in Champagne. 

2009 as great as 2002 in Champagne, says Moët cellar master

“I am convinced that 2009 is of the same pedigree as 2002,” said Moët & Chandon cellar master Benoît Gouez, when launching a Champagne from the former vintage in London last week.

Moët announces 2008 Grand Vintage releases

Moët & Chandon has released its Grand Vintage Blanc and Grand Vintage Rosé from the 2008 vintage.

Moët joins 2004 vintage releases

September 27th, 2012

Moët 1911 on sale for £65,000

December 9th, 2011

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