Moutai to boost production by 7.8% to satisfy demand

China’s best known Baijiu brand Moutai is aiming to produce 46,100 tonnes of Baijiu in 2018, bolstered by strong market demand in China, the company has announced.

Moutai’s home base bans alcohol during official functions

Guizhou province, home to China’s famed Baijiu producer Kweichow Moutai, is to ban drinking alcohol during official functions from 1 September, causing its stock value to plummet.

Moutai launches ‘Enter the Dragon’ cocktail competition in Australia

China’s most famous Baijiu producer, Moutai, has launched a Baijiu-based cocktail competition in Australia this month, as the brand pushes for more exposure overseas. Mobile commerce dominates China’s online drinks sales

Mobile commerce has contributed to more than 80% of all online sales made on China’s biggest e-commerce platform,, in the first quarter of the year.

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