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Monday 23 January 2017 loc: GB


Grace Vineyard partners with ASC for China market expansion

China’s leading boutique family winery, Grace Vineyard, has officially parted ways with its long time distributor Torres and partnered with ASC Fine Wines to distribute its wines in mainland China.

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Thailand shuts down bar for all you-can-drink promotion

Thailand’s Alcohol Control Board shut down a bar after it promoted all-you-can-drink happy hour specials on social media before Christmas, reflecting the country’s tough stance on alcohol consumption.

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Mandarin Oriental group claims ‘most’ Michelin stars for second time

The international hotel group Mandarin Oriental has been awarded 18 Michelin stars in the 2017 Michelin Guides – again more than any other hotel chain, it has announced.

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​Tom Stopford Sackville, Goedhuis & Co Fine Wine Merchants首席执行官向db谈到,今年波尔多葡萄酒的热卖可能更多的出于货币贬值原因,而非人们真的‘重新再次爱上波尔多’。

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Two more fake alcohol rings busted in China

Chinese officials have busted two alcohol counterfeiting rings in two separate provinces that were producing millions of dollars worth of fake wine and spirits.

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TWC releases rare Glenfarclas in Singapore

The Whisky Corporation has launched the Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve Trilogy series, consisting of extremely rare examples of 43, 48 and 59 year old expressions exclusively in Singapore.

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Tainted rice wine kills 15 people in Cambodia

Rice wine with a high level of methanol has killed at least 15 people and left 78 in hospital in Cambodia in recent weeks, the country’s health ministry announced last Friday.

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现流通在市场上的假酒到底有多少?被誉为葡萄酒侦探的Maureen Downey 对此颇有研究,并称数量远比业内估计多得多。

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China’s wine imports forecast to grow 25% in 2016

China’s wine imports in 2016 are expected to see an increase of 25% over previous year, which would make it the highest in the past five years, signalling a strong rebound since 2012.

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意大利名庄Gaja: 中国是‘个大问号’

虽然目前亚洲已经占到Gaja酒庄整体出口的30%,但谈到中国时,这个享有盛名的意大利家族酒庄,仍对中国市场感到困惑,酒庄的女掌门人Gaia Gaja坦言。

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