François Lurton: New World wines don’t need to age

François Lurton believes that wines from the warmer parts of the world don’t necessarily need to age due to their different levels of ripeness and tannin structure.

Argentina: Fresh perspectives

Rich, ripe and inky black with structure and power – that’s how most would describe a typical Argentine Malbec – and they would be right. But another side to Argentina’s winemaking story is emerging.

Zuccardi: Further division ‘next step’ for Argentina

Division of vineyards in Mendoza has not gone far enough, believes winemaker Sebastian Zuccardi, who suggests that the 'next step' is to subdivide sub regions such as Gualtallary and Altamira to better express its multitude of soils.

Nicolás Catena: Innovation through technology is finished

Nicolas Catena Zapata, the patriarch of Argentina’s Catena Zapata, believes that the era of innovation through technology-driven winemaking is over, upended by pursuit of terroir.

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