Rory McIlroy calls for booze limits at golf tournaments

Whilst competing in the Arnold Palmer Invitational at the weekend, Northern Ireland golf star Rory McIlroy called for alcohol limits at golf tournaments after being heckled during the third round by a drunk fan. 

Nigeria raises excise duties on wine, beer and spirits

Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari has confirmed an increase in excise duty on both tobacco and alcohol, as global beer giant ABInBev moves closer toward the opening of a $250 million brewery in the west African country.

Calling time on pints and local politics?

A young member of the Labour Party has called on the general secretary to consider ending the “toxic” and “corrosive” culture of serving alcohol during constituency meetings, while the social gathering of another party, ‘Lib Dem Pint’ has also been queried.

UK government asks public for opinion on low alcohol descriptors

The Department of Health and Social Care has opened up a public consultation on the descriptors used to refer to low alcohol products so that people can make "informed choices" following the recent growth of the sector. 

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