Study on rising alcoholism called out

A study asserting that the rate of alcoholism in the US increased by 49% between 2001 to 2013 has been criticised for using allegedly compromised data to reach its conclusions, with a fellow federal study finding that alcoholism was in decline.

Ryanair makes calls to curb airport drinking

Budget airline Ryanair has called for a two drink limit at airports after it was revealed the that number of people arrested for being drunk at UK airports and on board flights had risen by 50% in the last year.

Wild goldfish ‘under the influence’ during winter freeze

Scientists have discovered the process by which goldfish are able to survive freezing conditions, which involves turning lactic acid in their bodies into alcohol – and to levels that exceed many drink-driving limits.

Strange tales: wine drinking elephants, part one

Elephants have a known taste for alcohol but what would it take to get one ‘drunk’ in the wild, and is the old folktale about their liking for fermenting marula fruit true?

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