Singapore wine market to reach $1billion by 2021

Singapore’s wine market will grow to reach US$1 billion by 2021, driven by consumption of premium still wine, despite the country's punitive 'sin' taxes on alcohol, according to the data and research company GlobalData.

Chemical engineer develops hangover pill that ‘could prevent alcohol poisoning’

Time to dump the paracetamol? A chemical and biomolecular engineering professor is developing a hangover pill which contains enzymes found in the liver that allow the body to process alcohol at a faster rate than usual.

Japanese scientists make alcohol from wood

Researchers at Japan's Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute have developed an alcoholic beverage made from tree bark, which it says resembles the qualities of an alcohol aged in wood barrels. 

Minimum unit pricing in England is back under consideration

Minimum unit pricing (MUP) on alcohol could now be enforced in England after Scotland's pricing regulations were rolled out last week, according to an MP.

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