AB InBev

Budweiser to launch ‘Prohibition’ beer in UK

Brewing giant AB InBev has announced it will be launching an alcohol free version of Budweiser in the UK this year as it continues to expand its low and alcohol-free portfolio.

AB InBev dismisses hundreds of US workers

Brewing giant AB InBev has laid-off almost 400 employees from its High End division – the section responsible for its craft beer acquisitions and 'super-premium' imports – although the exact number of people affected has not been disclosed. 

AB InBev: UK beer prices will rise in next two years

AB InBev's president for Northern Europe, Jason Warner, has said that "there has to be an increase" in the price of beer as UK inflation rises. 

AB InBev switches to canning water to help hurricane victims

Brewing giant AB InBev has paused brewing at one of its sites for a week in order to can water to send to the flood victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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