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Wednesday 3 September 2014
Do you need: Accessories, Burgundy, Organic Wines or Trade Marks? Then you've come to the right place.

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EMC Advertising Gifts

EMC Advertising Gifts
Derwent House, 1064 High Road
Whetstone, London N20 OYY
Tel: 0845 345 1064
Fax: 0845 345 1065
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Ballpens from 16p each
Golf Umbrellas from £6.25 each
Golf Balls from 87p each
Teddy Bears from £1.69 each
T-shirts from £1.99 each
Mugs from £1.05 each
Maglight Torch Keyrings from £7.25 each
Parker Pens from £2.80 each
Sheaffer No Nonsense from £1.45 each