Watch Sweden’s synchronised swimmers perform drunk

An alcohol awareness campaign has highlighted the dangers of drinking and diving by getting Stockholm’s male synchronised swimming team drunk.

The “Don’t Drink And Dive” water safety campaign, launched by Swedish insurance firm Trygg-Hansa, recruited Stockholm men’s synchronized swimming team to demonstrate the the effects of swimming when under the influence.

Having downed some shots and a few beers, the three-time world champions men’s team jump into the pool to perform a standard routine, failing miserably.

In 2014 more people drowned in Sweden than in any other year in the last decade, according to Trygg-Hansa.

“In fact, in the month of July, Swedish water-related accidents cost more lives than road traffic accidents”, it said. “Most of the drowning victims were men and the majority had consumed alcohol.”

While the message is deadly serious, this is probably the only time you will get to see an otherwise world-class synchronised team transformed into an uncoordinated shambles.

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