Hotel delivers Champagne by drone

A California hotel is offering its guests the ultimate in high-flying luxury by delivering bottles of chilled bubbly direct to their private terrace.

The Casa Madrona hotel in Sausalito, outside San Francisco, is offering its flying waiter service to any guest staying in its £6,000-a-night ($10,000) Alexandria Suite.

The drone can carry up to two bottles of Champagne which it will deliver direct to the guests’ private terrace.

Guests who rent out the hotel’s 11-room mansion, for £14,800 ($25,000) a night, can also benefit from the service at no extra charge.

Earlier this year a brewery was banned from delivering beer to fisherman by drone on the frozen lakes of Minnesota.

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  1. Dg Blackburn says:

    give me a sling shot, the new air pirate…

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