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Saturday 24 January 2015



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Man of the Year

Are you the Man of the Year? Has your contribution to our industry over the last year set you apart from the rest? Judges will be looking for unparalleled leadership, business acumen, and/or major deal broking success. This award may also recognise outstanding contribution to the industry as a whole.

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Woman of the Year

Do you make Oprah Winfrey look like an underachiever and a bit of a slouch? If so, you could be db Woman of the Year. Judges will expect proven innovation and leadership within your field. This award may also recognise outstanding contribution to the industry as a whole.

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Young Achiever of the Year

Are you on a meteoric rise to the top of your game? You must be under 35 and have delivered beyond what is humanly possible this year. If so, then you could be the db Young Achiever of the Year.

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On-trade Personality of the Year

If you are the star of the show, front or back of house, you could be our On-trade Personality of the Year. Judges will expect nothing less than fortitude in the line of fire. Alone or as part of a team, you will have a proven record of excellence and have demonstrated canny business acumen over the last year.

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Retail Buyer of the Year

This award goes to the Retail Buyer who has done the most in the last 12 months to push the boundaries in wine (or spirits) retailing, promoted quality throughout the range and innovated within the category or area of buying for which they are responsible. Whether leading a team or in charge of a specific area, from the multiple or the independent sector, this buyer will be respected for their negotiation skills, integrity and ability to spot quality and value

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Retail Buying Team of the Year

For the UK retail buying team that has put their wine and spirit range on the map by striving for quality in their offer while meeting consumer needs across the range. The judges will be looking for innovation within the range and the team's commitment to green issues when it comes to sourcing and supply.

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Best Trade Campaign (Wine, Spirits and Beer)

In-house or agency, you will have wowed the client with your creativity, innovation and execution and all within budget. Your advertising has dazzled, your PR has hit the spot, your events have inspired and your online marketing demonstrated resourcefulness and originality.

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Best Consumer Campaign (Wine, Spirits and Beer)

In-house or agency, you will have wowed the client with your creativity, innovation and execution and all within budget. Your advertising has dazzled, your PR has hit the spot, your events have inspired and your online marketing demonstrated resourcefulness and originality.

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Best Contribution to Wine and Spirits Tourism

As global interest in wine and spirits continues to grow there is a demand from consumers to combine their interest in wines and spirits with their holidays. This award recognises an outstanding achievement in creating a unique and compelling experience for customers wishing to encounter their favourite wines and spirits on their home terroir.

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Best Design and Packaging (Wine, Spirits and Beer)

Will your product design be remembered as an icon of the 21st century? The judges will be looking for innovation in artwork and packaging. You will have met and surpassed the brief and will have done it all within budget

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Best Launch (Wine, Spirits and Beer)

This award recognises both launches and re-launches. Judges expect distinction in PR, advertising, consumer research, revived design and packaging, as well as improved supply chain management and increased store listings.

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Responsible Drinking Message

Recognising one of the most exigent issues currently facing the industry, the drinks business acknowledges a company or individual that has led the way with a responsible drinking message. While this may be part of a campaign, it may also be an intrinsic part of a brand’s / company’s ongoing commitment and continued activity, either within the field of packaging, labelling, advertising or NPD.

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Best Logistics Company

For those who think logistics is all about long-distance lorry drivers, bacon sandwiches and bonded warehouses who won’t take your stock because it hasn’t got the correct AAD, think again! Judges will be looking for excellence in service for customers (trade or consumer). This may include direct mail, internet or traditional ontrade and off-trade premises; recognising reliability, flexibility, competitiveness and the ability to meet customers’ needs effectively.

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Retail Award (Wine, Spirits and Beer)

The winner of this award will have no equal and will define excellence in drinks retailing in 2012. You will have achieved significant sales growth in the UK or overseas and will have an impressive display of value and range for your customers.

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Independent Retailer of the Year

This award recognises the best of those brave few who have gone it alone! Judges will be looking for tangible evidence of impeccable personal service and in-store innovation. The winner may represent one store or be part of a group.

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On-trade Supplier of the Year

Judges will take into account the recommendation and opinion of customers and look for evidence in high standards of service, including 24 hour delivery, flexibility and adaptability to the strains of the modern day restaurant and hotel business. They will also award on-trade suppliers on the quality of their range and pricing, plus attention to environmental issues in a high carbon impact business model.

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Best PR Company (Wine, Spirits and Beer)

Going to the public relations company whose work across the board or on a specific project pushed their clients product or image to the fore. This winning company will not only demonstrate its commitment to gaining coverage but will display new and challenging ways in which it has caught the attention of the trade or the consumer press.

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Drinks Company of the Year (Wine, Spirits and Beer)

This is the big one, coveted by one and all. Under scrutiny: your business development and diversification, sales/profit growth, employee management, new product development,. \n\n Market penetration, brand development and corporate responsibility… line up brand owners, agents and producers, it could be you!

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Best Online Retailer

Do you know how to make the most of the world wide web? We’re looking for an online drinks operator who has a brilliant range, appealing site design, novel selling techniques and a loyal customer base. Judges will be looking for proof of profitable performance over the last 12 months and evidence of a growing database of repeat users.

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Travel Retail Operator

As a growing source of luxury drinks sales, it is important the travel retail channel has the right vibe to attract the shopper, be they business men on the move or newly weds on honeymoon. This award will go to an outlet with impeccable merchandising, and an impressive range, as well as sales support that is second to none. The judges will require evidence of sales performance over the last 12 months and any new investments in store fittings and staff. Information to show the impact of novel selling techniques and exclusive product launches will boost the chances of gaining this accolade.

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