Top 10 Cavas over £10

We count down 10 top-end Cavas following a series of masterclasses across the UK this year, which were hosted by the drinks business and the Cava Regulatory Board.


The Cava masterclasses featured solely premium expressions and were held in the UK cities of Exeter, Manchester and Edinburgh

The Cavas over the following pages all featured in a masterclass in Exeter which was led by west country wine celebrity and Sunday Telegraph columnist Susy Atkins, who professed a particular liking for very dry styles of sparkling wine, and hence the high number of brut nature Cavas in the line-up.

The masterclasses were focused on solely premium Cava, which was defined by the length of time the Cavas had spent ageing on their lees following the second fermentation in bottle. Because the classes looked only at Cavas classified as Reserva or higher, that ensured that Premium Cava comprised expressions that had had at least 15 months on their lees. Furthermore, the majority of labels in the events were vintage expressions, and all of them were priced over £10.

Click here to read more about the masterclasses, and click through the slideshow to see all 10 of the Cavas that featured, including tasting notes and winemaking details. Alternatively, click here to see the list of the Cavas chosen by Susy.

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