Treasury targets young men with criminal wine brand

Treasury Wine Estates is hoping to tap into the male millennial market via two new wine brands including one that focuses on the shipping of British convicts to Australia.

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Both the 19 Crimes range and the Gentleman’s Collection are being targeted at millennial men aged 18-34, only 34% of which currently drink wine once a month or more on average according to recent research from Kantar.

TWE believes there is huge room for growth in this currently untapped market and has created two wine ranges that seek to appeal to their rebellious spirits.

The wine giant believes that the male millennial market could be worth as much as £76 million. The 19 Crimes brand tells the story of the founding of the Australian nation.

In the 19th century, there were said to be 19 crimes in England that would result in “punishment by transportation”, where convicted criminals were sent to Australia to serve their prison sentences. The crimes ranged from more serious offences like bigamy and stealing to tamer crimes like impersonating an Egyptian.

“Because of the rogue nature of the story, it encourages consumers to enjoy wine without the kind of rules that can make it unappealing to our target consumer,” believes Shaun Heyes, TWE’s business sector controller for wholesale & Convenience.

The gentler Gentleman’s Collection meanwhile, takes packaging cues from the spirits world and taps into the current trends for facial hair and Victoriana.

Further borrowing form the spirits world, varieties are referred to as “batches” and the bottles are heavier than the average wine bottle.

A sub-brand of Lindeman’s, the range, which includes a Cabernet and a Chardonnay, will be launched around the world, beginning with the UK.

Both wines include a dash of fortified wine in a hat tip to the mid-1800s when Dr Henry Lindeman established the Lindeman’s brand.

The labels feature tongue-in-cheek rules of how a “gentleman” shot comport himself, advising drinkers to “be (mostly) honest” and watch their language.

TWE found that male millennials are intimidated by walls of wine and seek stories, heritage and great packaging from their wine brands.

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  1. Dick says:

    What sort of wanky world do they live in?

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