‘Anything but Chardonnay’ days are over

6th November, 2015 by Lucy Shaw

The “Anything but Chardonnay” days are over according to one boutique Australian producer who believes the once unloved variety is firmly back in fashion.

Larry Cherubino

Speaking to the drinks business during a recent trip to London, Western Australian wine pioneer Larry Cherubino said: “People say it’s Shiraz, but I think Chardonnay put Australia on the map.

“The variety has become trendy again in Australia – a lot of producers are reviving it and consumers are getting into it all over again – domestic consumption is on the up as people tire of Sauvignon Blanc.

“A lot of Australian winemakers are experimenting with Chardonnay at the moment. The wines are moving away from being big and buttery to more textural and with higher acidity.”


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One Response to “‘Anything but Chardonnay’ days are over”

  1. Dario de Colinas says:

    Great for Australia. As for me, I’ll still drink Anything But Chard. There are so many other, more interesting, varieties out there. Chardonnay’s popularity will continue to be a mystery to me.


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