Dom Pérignon 06 released

The latest vintage of Dom Pérignon – the 2006 – is being offered by UK merchants this morning, the fifth consecutive release from the label since the 2002.

dom perignon 2006The release of the 2006 marks the first time in the grand cuvée’s nearly-90 year history that five consecutive vintages have been made.

Offered at around £455 per case of six in-bond (Liv-ex refers to £920 per dozen ex-London), its release price is a little more expensive than current market prices for the 2004 and 2003 but whether this will be any kind of hindrance to it is yet to be seen.

Reports and reviews of the 2006 Dom Pérignon and that vintage in Champagne in general have focused on the ripeness of the wines – the result of “exceptional” conditions.

Corney & Barrow explained that it was not as “solemn” and “phenolic” as the 2003 and, to a lesser extent, the 2005 but rather more “generous” like the 2002.

Berry Bros & Rudd’s fine wine buying director, Max Lalondrelle, told the drinks business he and the BBR team tasted the wine this morning (28 September) and all liked it “very much”. He suggested it wasn’t the “most exceptional” Dom Pérignon ever but certainly a “very solid” addition.

Coupled with the price too he thought it sat well in the market compared to back vintages and although he didn’t think BBR would sell as much of it as they did of the 2002s, it would “probably do more than the ‘05s.”

“It’s a pretty good offer all together,” he said.

For more on grand cuvée Champagne and how the market for them has evolved see our previous examination of the 1995 and 2002 vintages.

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  1. Amelia Wojnicz says:

    I have two bottles vintage 2006. Forgot I had them, and want to know if I can consume them in 2018? Are they still good?

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