Top 10 new craft beer releases

We round up some of the most interesting craft beer releases announced in recent weeks, including a pair of breakfast-themed brews and an homage to Game of Thrones.

Dude’s Brews, “Canna-Beer series”, Colorado, US

Advertisement in Great American Beer Festival Magazine (PRNewsFoto/Dad & Dude's Breweria)

Dude’s Brews, the packaged-beer arm of Colorado-based Dad & Dude’s Breweria, will launch its Canna-Beer series in the autumn comprising a range of “CBD-rich, cannabis-infused” beers.

The line of beers will be heavily dosed with cannabidoil – also known as CBD – a substance extracted from the cannabis plant and which is known for its “non-psychoactive health benefits”, including stress relief.

Dubbed the “world’s first” high-strength cannabis-infused beer, its launch follows the legalisation of cannabis in the state of Colorado in January.

The range’s first beers, Sativa IPA and Indica double IPA, will debut at the Great American Beer Festival in September.

Style: IPA / Double IPA

ABV: 5% / 10%

Release: US-wide, autumn 2015

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