Craft beer boom drives taste for high abv beer

11th August, 2015 by Lauren Eads

The number of beers launched globally with an abv of 6.5% or over rose by 280% between 2011 and 2014, pointing toward a growing trend for high alcohol beers.

According to research by Mintel, almost a quarter of beers launched globally in 2014 had an abv of 6.5% or higher, 25% in 2013, up from just 15% in 2012, undoubtedly driven by the rise in craft beer.

The highest increase was in North America, where the launch of abv beers grew by 319% during this time, followed by Europe at 307%, Latin America by 260% and the Asia Pacific by a much lower 46%.

“More global beer drinkers now view high ABV as a key quality indicator, inspired by the success of craft beer in the US – and increasingly….

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One Response to “Craft beer boom drives taste for high abv beer”

  1. Lisa Grimm says:

    It can be difficult to find a beer under 6.5% at many US bars and restaurants; one of my favorite places for good beer and food recently had only 1 tap handle, out of 30, with a beer under 8% – and many were closer to 10%. I’m all for something stronger for dessert, but wish people didn’t equate high ABV with quality; they are certainly not mutual bedfellows.

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