Top 10 wines in the UK press

Hatzidakis Nikteri, Santorini, Greece 2012


As Greece continues to experience financial unrest David Williams, writing for The Guardian, sought to highlight some more positive news coming out of the country – its wines.

“A story along the lines of “small European country’s wines show steady improvement and increasing acceptance overseas” is never going to compete for drama with the high-stakes realpolitik and socially corrosive effects of the Grexit saga”, said Williams. “But it would take the heart of a victim of Medusa not to be cheered by the idea that Greek wines are both better and easier to find in the UK than they’ve ever been.”

Of this Greek white from the Isle of Santorini, Williams said: “With Nikteri, top producer Hatzidakis harks back to the night-harvested white wines of Santorini’s past, cold-fermenting the island’s intense lemon-and-mineral-flavoured Assyrtiko variety in temperature-controlled tanks, and then ageing it in barrel to add a touch of savoury richness.”

Price: £22.50, Berry Bros & Rudd

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