Top 10 luxury drinks images

Jamie Fleming of design agency Purple Creative rounds up what he believes to be the ten most striking, memorable and beautiful drinks images of recent times.

What makes a beautiful drinks image? To me it’s a shot that shows the product in its greatest light. Rather than an advert or a product shot used for trade, it’s a representation of a product that not only looks seductive, but tells a story, whether in an abstract or more direct way, and projects the right attitude and personality of the brand.

Luxury brands do it best – watches, cars, perfumes, jewellery, even bicycles. And the drinks industry is no different. If you want people to spend thousands of pounds on a rare bottle of spirits or Champagne, it’s got to look the part.

Luxury imagery for the drinks industry needs to be many things – emotive, thought-provoking and inspirational but above all memorable, especially in the busy bar and retail environments where it invariably lives.

The lifespan of an image is surprisingly long, so it needs to be done right first time or the brand will suffer in the longterm.

Click through for a gallery of ten brands that have nailed it in terms of telling their story without words.

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