Innis & Gunn to build £3m brewery

Innis & Gunn has launched an investment scheme in a bid to raise £3 million to build its first brewery, bottling line and barrel store in Scotland.


Artist’s impression of the proposed new brewery

The independent brewery is currently in advanced negotiations to buy a piece of land in south east Scotland on which to build the new brewery, which is expected to create up to an additional 35 jobs over the next four years. Up until now, the brewery has used other companies’ breweries to produces its beer, using its own recipes, materials and equipment.

Today it announced the launch of a mini-bond in a bid to raise funds to build a state-of-the-art brewery, offering UK investors an interest rate of 7.25% per annum for investments from £500, fixed for four years.

In addition, investors can opt to take part in the brewery’s BeerBucks BeerBond, which offers 9% gross interest rate per annum. Return is given in the form of “BeerBucks”, which can be redeemed against beer at the Innis & Gunn online shop.

Dougal Gunn Sharp, founder and CEO of Innis & Gunn, said: “Our state-of-the-art brewery is where we will get even more creative and make epic new beers for craft beer drinkers to enjoy. The BeerBondTM is all about inviting our fans and the craft beer community to invest to help us build this brewery – and we hope they’ll join us on this exciting new venture for Innis & Gunn.”

Since it was founded in 2003, Innis & Gunn has grown to become a highly successful international business, with an annual turnover of £11.8 million in 2014 – up from £10.5 million in 2013. Last year the brewer reported that US sales had increased by 9,000% over four years.

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  1. E.H. Forrest says:

    Where exactly are you proposing to build this brewery? Have you an idea about where you can acquire the site , and is it somewhere there has already been development ? I note that you have not supplied an address with your letter to me asking for investment money to build this, and an e- mail address alone does not inspire complete confidence, although the manner of your request is well put. EHF.

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