Consumers ‘misled’ by wine-based drinks

2nd March, 2015 by Lucy Shaw

Shoppers are being ‘misled’ by supermarkets selling “wine based” drinks, which only contain 75% wine but are marketed as wine and sold in the wine aisle.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the likes of Copper Australian Red sold at Sainsbury’s and The Shy Pig Crisp White on sale at Morrisons are “wine based” drinks being sold in the same way as normal wines.

Wine ratings website Wot Wine has spoken out about the practice, accusing supermarkets of misleading consumers and “damaging” the integrity of the wine industry.

“You can sell what you like but you should tell the customer what it is, because it’s not wine. It reminds me of the days when dodgy landlords would tip water into barrels of beer,” a Wot Wine spokesperson….

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10 Responses to “Consumers ‘misled’ by wine-based drinks”

  1. Martin says:

    I have seen the white version of Copper on sale amongst the wines at Sainsbury’s Torquay this morning and mentioned it to a customer services person who was content that the small print on the back label was sufficient to meet legal requirements. No doubt he is right but I think customers are entitled to expect that bottles placed on the shelves amongst wines will in fact be wines and that Sainsbury’s in doing that are showing an unhelpful attitude, and indeed disrespect, to their customers. There may be other wine-based drinks hidden amongst real wine and Sainsbury’s should be ashamed of themselves.
    What makes it worse is that, according to your review, some of these drinks taste foul, and aren’t particularly cheap either.

  2. Steve says:

    Are Australian Vintage the only company making products like this?

  3. JIM says:

    I quite like the shy pig red. it compares well tastewise to a lot of more expensive wines. it’s also available for about £3.50 so you can’t realy expect a vintage wine.

  4. Soobilou says:

    Ive just fallen foul of this Alcoholic dishonesty.. I bought Shy Pig at Morrisons. I was looking for a cheap plonk for a Thursdsy night and this was on a promotion stand at the front of the store with other alcohol products including special offer beers and wines. I only noticed the phrase “wine bases drink ” at home when I was reading the label about the name .
    I do feel duped, If it had have been cheap wkne I would still be disappointed with the taste which is quite bitter and a littke chemical .
    I think it should be marketed in differnt shape bottles and but with other alcoholic drinks such as alcopops ect.

  5. JOHN says:

    Maybe the label should say ‘75% wine. Bottled in Croydon” Then again, what do we expect for £4.50 a pop?

  6. Mike says:

    A friend bought a bottle of shy pig red,they knew nothing about wine,it shows,it was horrible,I then read lable ,it,says wine based product, It mislead them, it’s a con !

  7. Michael says:

    We have just had same experience with a winking owl bottle from Aldi
    Wine based product is in small print on the back other clues that something is amiss is no grape variety or country of origin.
    One other point if you look at the allergy information it contains milk and eggs neither of which is normally found in wine!

  8. shypiglover29 says:

    stop hating on shy pig its peng

  9. ShyPigShatInMyHead says:

    Still recovering from Shy Pig Crisp White – have actually come online to try to find out if it is possible to prosecute for misleading alcohol content – there is no way that is 10% vol. I feel worse after half a bottle of Shy Pig than I do after a bottle of any 13%. Maybe the key is in what else is added, which should be legally required information. It is highly unpleasant.

  10. Sue Nicholson says:

    What is this pink muck? Didn’t notice the description until I examined the label to try to find out why it was so tasteless. What is a ‘wine based drink’ with 10% alcohol.

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