Wine investment: how to avoid the pitfalls

Investing in fine wine has recently hit the headlines for the wrong reasons, with some so-called wine investment managers proving to be at best incompetent and at worst corrupt, writes Rodney Birrell, director of The Wine Investment Fund (TWIF).

FineWineCellarTo help investors avoid the pitfalls in this market and to benefit from the positive characteristics of investing in this asset class, TWIF has developed an investor checklist and recommends that investors ensure that, whichever way they access the market (whether directly or through a fund), all these boxes are ticked.

TWIF is the pioneer of independent fine wine investment and is the market’s longest established fund, with average annualised net payouts of 8.9% since launch in 2003. TWIF’s managers also manage The Wine Enterprise Investment Scheme Limited, an enterprise investment scheme (EIS), with all its attendant fiscal benefits.

Follow TWIF’s investor checklist to avoid the market’s less scrupulous operators and uncork some fine returns….

4 Responses to “Wine investment: how to avoid the pitfalls”

  1. Toby Marks says:

    Once you take these fees into the equation there is not going to be much return if any I wouldn’t think. On your original outlay you gave away 5%, every year you lose 1.5%… I guess the only possible benefit of a managed fund or portfolio would be the liquidity when selling but the rise of private individual alternatives to Liv-ex might preclude that now…

  2. Toby Marks says:

    these “industry norms” are going to eat into any profits! if you lose 5% of your original investment before you start and 1.5% every year then in the last few years your money would just have been diminishing. The only benefit of a managed portfolio is potentially the ease of selling at the end – but you can do this yourself these days with any one of the many peer to peer wine trading platforms… I feel the publicising of industry norm fees doesn’t offer great advice to private investors…

  3. Duquesne says:

    We do not charge an entry fee. We have a shop in the heart of paris and a website.
    That should adress some of your concern.
    And we adress all the key points of the article.

    Come and see us on

  4. Yet another advertorial ! Ed. please !

    When will the penny drop ?
    Not only is the main piece misleading but the debate again turns to pricing !

    For goodness sake Wine Investment security is not solely about pricing or indeed storage or provenance, it is a complex issue ! Security for customers is about strong self regulation with reputable independent Auditors actually going into Company’s and ensuring their systems and Controls are fit for purpose. t

    Until respected trade magazines such as Drinks Business and influential personalities within the trade support the Wine Investment Association then the debate will go on and on and on ! Dare I say even travel agents sorted themselves out with ABTA but us lot ? Nah !!

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