Top drinks for ‘Beer Bowl’ 2015

Sports fans will be relishing the coming Super Bowl and craft beer fans can enjoy it even more with a tasty brew match-up to consider.

NFL-Tom-Brady-Russell-Wilson-DG-PISuper Bowl XLIX (49 to the rest of us) features the New England Patriots versus last year’s champeens, the Seattle Seahawks, and there are tasty beer, as well as on-field head-to-heads on offer.

Last year’s match between Seattle and the Denver Broncos presented a fairly even “Beer Bowl” but this time around it’s a bit of a mismatch.

Seattle, sitting pretty in the hip Pacific North-West, can boast a stunning 201 craft breweries according to the Brewers’ Association (that’s already 55 more than last year) and ranks second in the country in the number per capita, while Massachusetts only has 57 and ranks 16th.

But what New England lacks in craft beer numbers, it more than makes up for in national and even craft beer heritage, Boston’s the town that arguably gave birth to both the country in the 18th century and then its craft beer movement in the 1980s.

It also has a pretty good football team.

You may already have a stake in a team to support (this writer certainly does) but if you’re a newcomer to the sport and undecided about to who to support, you can make a worse choice than pick a team with good local beer. Hoppy IPAs or Sam Adams? Your choice, though there are plenty of sporting prowess to take into account too.

Taking place at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, Tom Brady and his New England Patriots will be looking for their fourth Super Bowl win in what will be their sixth appearance, while Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are trying to become the first team – since the Patriots in 2005 – to win back-to-back Super Bowls.

These teams last met early in the 2012 season in Seattle, with the Seahawks overcoming a deficit to win the game. Afterwards, Seattle defensive player Richard Sherman taunted the veteran Brady saying, “You mad, bro?”

"You mad, bro?"

“You mad, bro?”

Yes he probably was and the super-competitive Brady is unlikely to have forgotten – or forgiven. Newcomers can expect to hear a lot about this during the commentary at any and every point of the game, as well as references to this being the “U mad bro bowl” or some such.

Brady will be trying to cement his legend as a legitimate candidate for the “greatest if all time” (GOAT) tag and the scion of a football dynasty, while a young Seahawks team is seeking to build on their own budding “dynasty” narrative.

It should be an entertaining game and a good game deserves good beer.

Brewing giant AB InBev has the beer rights wound up tight for the big day and recently released a teaser for its Super Bowl campaign – having spent some £18 million on just three 60 second slots during the game.

Although the majority of the 50m cases of beer that are usually drunk on Super Bowl Sunday will be Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite or Coors Light, in the comfort of your own home or at your own tailgate party you can drink whatever you wish.

So whether you’re a true Patriot, a “12th Man” or perhaps just plain curious about what this whole “football” thing is, over the following pages you’ll find a brief lowdown on the teams, the best drinks with which to display your allegiance and a rudimentary “bluffer’s guide” to the game.

Kick-off is on Sunday 1 February at 6.30pm Eastern Standard Time on NBC and 11.30pm in the UK where the game is being aired by Channel 4 and Sky Sports.

Full stats and coverage from every possible angle can be found here on and don’t forget to check out our prediction for this year’s game and its bearing on the 2015 vintage in Bordeaux, coming soon.

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