Portugal offers best value wines in UK

Portuguese wines offer UK consumers the best value for money for their quality according to a recent survey carried out by Wotwine.

Photo credit: André Peres / Wine & Lifestyle Report

The app, which helps consumers find the best value wines in the UK, found that 65% of Portuguese wines on sale on UK supermarkets offer “extra to fair” value for money.

It singled out Lidl’s Torre de Ferro Dao at £4.99 and Asda’s Extra Special Dao at £5.00 as two Portuguese reds delivering exceptional value.

“Portugal is producing characterful, well-made wines of real interest,” said Wotwine’s tasting manager, Orsi Szentkiralyi.

“They have the taste of the sun and represent cracking value. We wish the range stocked in supermarkets was bigger,” she added.

The survey also found European wines to be better value than their New World equivalents, highlighting Port as the “best value wine in the world”.

It cited Dow’s Trademark Finest Reserve Port sold at Sainsbury’s for £6.75 as a “complete steal”.

Carried out over the last 18 months, the survey reviewed over 4,000 wines available in UK supermarkets.

It found that 71% of all American and South African wines, 62% Australian and 64% New Zealand wines represent “poor value” for money.

Wotwine recently launched new versions of its app on the iPhone and Android. Working with four Masters of Wine, the company has evaluated nearly all of the wines available in the UK’s major supermarket chains.

By scanning the barcode of a bottle in a supermarket, the free app allows consumers to determine whether its shelf price represents good value for money.

2 Responses to “Portugal offers best value wines in UK”

  1. Andre says:

    It is an honour to have one of my pictures published on Drink Business (http://www.wlifestyle.net/niepoort-diaacutelogo-red-2010.html#.VGyoEmfo6SI), but please be so kind to mention its source
    Thank you

  2. Uwe says:

    Interesting app. For sure portugiese wines are very tasty and most of them do not cost very much.
    But what’s the definition of best value? A wine that gives you 80 points for 5 pounds or a wine that gives you 90 points for 50 pounds?
    The price somebody is willing to pay is a very individual one. But. Also the quality rating is depending on individual tastes.

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