Lebanese wine to embark on world tour

A group of Lebanese producers will take to the road next year for a series of almost 30 tutored tastings in 24 cities around the world.

Michael Karam, who will host the tastings

Michael Karam, who will host the tastings

Lebanese wine writer and journalist Michael Karam will host the events, which will target press, trade and consumers in cities including London, Beijing, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Moscow, Brussels, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, Ontario and Dubai.

Each tasting will feature wines from the eight participating producers: Château Ka, Château Kefraya, Château Ksara, Château St Thomas, Domaine de Baal, Domaine des Tourelles, Domaine Wardy, and Ixsir.

Explaining the aim of this 24-month initiative, Domaine des Tourelles owner Faouzi Issa said: “We want to raise the profile of Lebanese wine in key markets in a more mobile and cost-effective way.”

As for the decision to appoint Karam, author of Wines of Lebanon among other publications, as a figurehead for the collective, Issa observed: “We spend a sizeable chunk of our budget travelling abroad to promoting our wines so going as a group with one ‘ambassador’ allows us to be more efficient and Michael knows our wines better than anyone.”

With around 50% of Lebanon’s 8.5 million bottle production currently exported, Karam outlined an ambition to bring the country’s wines to a wider audience.

“These wines are really special with a great back story and made with exciting varieties, so I’m hoping that we can make a real impact, especially in the independents and the on-trade,” he remarked.


3 Responses to “Lebanese wine to embark on world tour”

  1. Jai says:

    Do they have a tasting schedule out ?

  2. Joe Saade says:

    i would be interested in taking part. Kindly include me in the group.

  3. Jim Nejaime says:

    Dear Michael Karam,
    I am wine merchant with 35 years experience and have always enjoyed introducing our clients to the great fruit of the vine of Lebanese wineries. My father was born in the Maasser-el-Chouf, and we are currently working with Ch. Musar, Ch. Massaya, and the wine my cousin Ghassan makes in the Chouf – St. Michaels Winery.

    Our wine shop is 2.5 hours from NYC, located in the beautiful Berkshires.I would be very interested in both attending the tasting event in NYC, and if your group has interest & it fits your schedule, hosting you for a tasting to our clients in our first class tasting area of our shop.
    Please include me in updates and schedule of your tour.
    Shookran & warm salute,
    413.717.0112 (cell)

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