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Through a glass, darkly: Branded glassware

26th August, 2014 by Richard Shotton

Branded pint glasses are now ubiquitous in pubs and bars across the country. Brands have spent millions ensuring consumers drink from the correct glass whether that’s a simple branded glass or the increasing popular chalice. But what impact does all this investment have? Richard Shotton, Head of Insight at ZenithOptimedia, finds out.

Consumers’ claim that branded glassware has a minimal impact on lager’s taste. We surveyed 119 drinkers and only 8% said that drinking out of a branded glass significantly improved the taste. So is the investment wasted? Insights from behavioural economics suggest that there might be good reasons to invest in glassware.

The theory of behavioural economics provides robust insights into how consumers actually behave rather than how they claim to behave – reminiscent of….

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