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Sunday 20 April 2014

If that's interesting, how about these?

The top 10 top 10s from 2013

20th December, 2013 by Andy Young

From fattening drinks to weird ingredients we’ve brought you a wide range of top 10s throughout 2013, but which have been our most popular?

top-10The brands series that we covered, including top 10 Champagne brands, beer brands, wine brands, Scotch whisky brands and vodka brands were incredibly popular throughout the year. But for the fun purposes of this list, we’ve kept those top 10s out of the reckoning and focused on some of the more fun topics that we’ve covered.

Weird ingredients proved popular as did budget whiskies, but expensive drinks, wines and nights out really captured your imagination – and your clicks.

Click through the following pages to see our most popular top 10s of 2013 and see if you can guess which has come out on top.

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