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Thursday 17 April 2014

Symington acquisition to boost Bomfim

9th December, 2013 by Gabriel Savage

Symington Family Estates has bought Quinta da Sabordela, a 30-hectare estate lying adjacent to Dow’s Quinta do Bomfim.

The Sabordela vineyard

The Sabordela vineyard

Noting that it had been keen to acquire Sabordela ever since Dow’s came into Symington ownership back in 1912, the group confirmed that the estate’s vineyards will now be incorporated into Bomfim.

The move will see Bomfim’s vineyard holdings increase to 80.5ha, reaching from the banks of the River Douro up to 350m altitude. The company noted: “These higher and fresher vineyards will be an important addition to the structure and complexity of Dow’s Ports, especially with global warming likely to make a very challenging impact in this region.”

The purchase coincides with a major renovation programme at Bomfim, including a new winery with six lagares, which is due to be ready in time for the 2014 harvest. A new visitor reception is expected to open in spring 2015, which will allow walkers access to the vineyards.

In a joint statement, the Symington cousins who control the group said: “Some may see us as eccentric, but our vineyards are our single most important asset. So we will continue to invest in them for the quality of our wines, despite these very difficult economic times for the Douro and for Portugal.”

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