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Sunday 20 April 2014

Experts shaken and stirred by Bond’s booze intake

13th December, 2013 by Andy Young

James Bond often drank more than four times the weekly recommended limit of alcohol, putting him at risk of tremors and impotence, researchers have said.

james-bond-vesper-martiniExperts from Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust read 14 Bond novels over a six month period, taking detailed notes of the spy’s alcohol consumption. They found that Bond was way over the recommended three of four units a day for men and that he also drove while over the limit.

Patrick Davies, who led the research, said that Bond may have felt the need to drink due to the highly stressful nature of his job.

“In Goldfinger, for example, he drinks 18 units while having drinks and dinner with Auric Goldfinger before then driving home.

“In Casino Royale, he drinks over 39 units before engaging in a high speed car chase, losing control, and spending 14 days in hospital.

“We hope that this was a salutatory lesson.┬áSuch behaviour is typical of Bond.

“Despite his alcohol consumption, he is still described as being able to carry out highly complicated tasks and function at an extraordinarily high level.

“This is likely to be pure fiction.”

The researchers looked at 14 books originally but excluded two either because Bond barely appeared or they were a collection of short stories.

In the 12 books, 123.5 days were described, though Bond was unable to consume alcohol for 36 days because of “external pressures (admission to hospital, incarceration, rehabilitation)”.

Bond’s biggest binge came during From Russia With Love, when he consumed 50 units in a single day.

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  1. David says:

    Researchers —- get a life!! Unless your life is being part of the misguided neo prohibition movement in which case you might want to stick to the real problems of alcohol abuse instead of digging up the dirt on a fictional character. Oh by the way, JB probably didn’t really jump from that many high places in one week and survive either. Good luck with your next breakthrough research project.

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