London gets its first boutique winery

London’s first ever boutique winery is set to open in a former gin distillery in Earls Court this November.

Rolling out the barrels at the captital's first urban winery, London Cru

Rolling out the barrels at the captital’s first urban winery, London Cru, which opens in Earls Court this November

The brainchild of Cliff Roberson, founder of revered independent wine merchant Roberson, the winery, dubbed London Cru, is currently being kitted out with equipment.

Roberson’s senior buyer and Master of Wine student, Mark Andrew, has been tasked with sourcing the grapes from select growers in Bordeaux, the Languedoc and Roussillon.

His first batch of hand harvested fruit from the Languedoc and Roussillon will arrive in September, with another shipment from Bordeaux arriving soon after.

London Cru aims for all of its grapes to reach the winery within 36 hours of delivery.

Australian-born winemaker Gavin Monery, who has previously worked at Cullen, Moss Wood and Jean-Louis Chave, will oversee the entire winemaking process, from grape deliveries through to bottling.

“With so many people creating world-class craft beers and spirits in London, we thought it was time to do the same with wine,” Monery said.

“It’s going to be a challenge, but we have the tools, skills and experience to make top quality wines in an urban environment and the freedom to create the styles that we want,” he added.

The first bottling from London Cru is expected to go on sale next summer.

Doors open to the public in November, with London Cru offering wine tastings and tours.

4 Responses to “London gets its first boutique winery”

  1. Interesting project! N.b. Gavin is also ex-Lea & Sandeman – Barnes c. 2008!

  2. Martin Ramos says:

    Congratulations with the new English wines

    • Edward Bates says:

      Sorry to correct you Martin but no matter where these wines are made, they will not be English Wines as the grapes used are not being grown in England. They could be called British Wines, given the connections with poor quality faux sherry etc. that this term brings with it, it’ll be interesting to see exactly how it does get described on the lab.

  3. Simon Cock says:

    Well done, Cliff; this must be what I knew as 21 Lillie Road where I worked during the late sixties when it was the office and warehouse of F S Matta agents for Campari and lots of Italian wines. Bruno Bettini and Remo Nardone among others will remember it well!

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