Cognac Frapin acquires more vineyards

Jean-Pierre Cointreau, CEO of Cognac Frapin, has announced that the single estate Château Fontpinot has recently acquired further vineyards within the Grande Champagne region.

Cognac FrapinThe Frapin estate has now increased by 11%, bringing its total acreage to 240 hectares.

Cointreau said: “For many years, Cognac Frapin has been keen to enhance the size of its vineyards to meet the increasing demand for its Cognacs from global markets.

“This ‘fruitful alliance’ between our historical know-how and the superb terroir will now allow us to increase our production and give Frapin further opportunities for an even brighter future.”

The Cognac house’s current range includes a VS, VSOP, Signature, VIP XO and Extra. The Extra Cognac comes exclusively from the ancestral family reserve and is harvested, distilled and aged in casks conserved by Pierre Frapin and his descendants.

The Frapin family has been established in the South West of France since 1270, initially as a family of winegrowers, before becoming distillers for the last 20 generations.

Cognac Frapin is distributed exclusively in the UK by McKinley Vintners.

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