New parents admit to drinking more

8th October, 2012 by Andy Young

Nearly 20% of parents increase their alcohol intake after the birth of their first child, according to a new survey published by a children’s charity.

The survey, released on behalf of 4Children, found that 17% of parents drink more alcohol than usual after their first baby is born, while 40% of new parents make no effort to cut down on their drinking.

The charity is concerned that this increase in alcohol consumption could be dangerous at a time when parental interactions with their baby are crucial.

Anne Longfield, chief executive of 4Children, said: “Families need help to make the right decisions around drinking and substance use.

“In some cases, a warning label may provide the nudge that’s needed. For many, a more far reaching intervention….

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3 Responses to “New parents admit to drinking more”

  1. Justin Gock says:

    I can see why. Having kids i one of the most stressful things in life. The first years are spent wading through mountians of dirty diapers. Then it is time for them to go out on their own where all sorts of terrible things can happen. Once that stage is through it is time for the sex talk leading into half a decade of moodiness.

    Dont worry though parents, by the time that this is all over they should be ready to leave the nest and set out on their own. Unless they don’t.

    Enjoy parenthood.

  2. Mark says:

    So the industry has to do its share of babysitting too then?

    And we believe it is right to turn to the alcohol industry for help in this respect – to find its sense of corporate responsibility, and to enable families to make the right decisions around drinking and substance use and get the right help when needed.”

    Im a new parent and i didnt cut down on my drinking – i just changed where i drank it! More at home than in the pub. This whole article suggests that we were all drinking irresponsibly before hand so we should cut it down when we become parents. Its the usual nanny state bollocks

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