Top 10 nautical drinking traditions

It was once famously noted that life on the high seas was nothing but “rum, sodomy and the lash” (but not actually by Churchill though he did say he wished he had said it).

The Royal Navy has strong links with the trade and drinks

The latter two pecadilloes aside, drink does permeate the history of the world’s fleets and navies, from rum-induced buccaneering to gunboat diplomacy armed with a pink gin and spotlessly white shorts.

Ocean-going trade and exploration has even led to the development of certain drinks and thanks to various nautical exploits introduced a few to foreign shores as well, Q.E.D.

There is also a reason that Vintners Hall in London is beside the Thames and not, like the majority of the guilds, tucked away in the back alleys of the city.

In the days before air freight and lorries the only way wine got to this country was via the seas and Vintners Hall was the principal off-loading point – in fact wine continues to be sent by sea to this day although the more romantic square-riggers have been replaced by the practical (if ugly) freighters of modern commercial shipping.

So with a final “yo ho ho and a bottle of rum”, keelhaul the crew and lets get cracking.

And if you know of any more nautical traditions, let us know.



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