Alcohol brands must tread carefully

26th July, 2012 by Martin Crummy

Alcohol brands must take their social media marketing seriously or they could risk their reputations, claimed a seminar staged by Birmingham-based communications agency Seal.

Representatives from 10 breweries, alcohol brands and the Advertising Standards Authority all attended and gave their views on the future of social marketing.

The initial message was that social media marketing is more complex than many marketers appreciate, with brands needing to be responsible.

The rules used on some social media platforms were outlined at the seminar at which delegates were advised that it was easy to be seduced by the low cost and huge reach of social media channels and its value in engaging and interacting with consumers.

Jason Navon, digital strategist, said: “Social media channels are powerful marketing tools but they need to be treated….

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2 Responses to “Alcohol brands must tread carefully”

  1. Richard G. says:

    What a load of rubbish. “an uncontrolled environment is a dangerous environment”. Social media isn’t any different from any other media. You control what you say and what you put on there. If you wouldn’t say it in a magazine article then don’t say it on twitter or facebook.. Sounds like a bunch of marketers telling you how scary it is so you have to come to us for advice.

    I’ve been on twitter for years now. My advice. Be genuine, be yourself, educate and entertain. Make it worthwhile for your followers to continue spending their time following you. It is an investment of peoples time reading and digesting content from social media, so it needs to provide some value to them. It’s that bloody simple. Once you hand it over to those who have no direct interest in your success you will fail. Get onto it for a while. See what you like and what peeves you. Then do unto other what you would like done to you, and don’t do what the others have done that pee you off.

    Nothing bugs people more on social networks than knowing that some marketing department is controlling what is being said or thought. Successful social networking outcomes are long term and come from building relationships between those that are commenting on SM and those who are listening. That is something that most marketing departments have yet to come to grips with. The word/phrases “long term” and “relationship”.

  2. Anne says:


    Your comments are true when using social media personal accounts however if you’re communicating on behalf of an alcohol brand there are guidelines in place that you need to conform to.

    I’ve worked with alcohol brands in the past and you need to be aware of the CAP and Portman guidelines otherwise you risk being asked to remove content or even shut your social channels down. The brand I worked for had to suspend thier YouTube account due to an ASA investigation.

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