Grant’s recreates 1912 Stand Fast whisky

Grant’s Whisky has recreated 100 bottles of the original Stand Fast whisky, using the same records handwritten by founder William Grant.

Grant’s archivist Paul Kendall discovered the company’s oldest whisky book in the family archives showing the exact whiskies that William Grant used to create Grant’s Stand Fast on the 11 June 1912.

Exactly 100 years later the current Grant’s master blender, Brian Kinsman, has recreated 100 bottles of the original Stand Fast whisky, using the same whiskies from the 1912 original blend to create Grant’s Stand Fast.

Up until now, the instructions to make Grant’s have been passed down as a verbal tradition through the generations through its six master blenders, who with their own intuition and knowledge would create Grant’s Blended Scotch Whisky.

Kinsman has interpreted the old records to recreate the 1912 blend, a Speyside whisky that has slowly evolved over the years as distilleries have come and gone.

“As a master blender we learn how to make whisky by knowledge handed down in person from one master blender to the next. It’s why it takes around a decade of training to take on the title,” said Kinsman.

“The new Grant’s Stand Fast is special and is very close to what William Grant created back in 1912. Today, Grant’s is a highly awarded whisky by the experts, this shows that what William created over 100 years ago was a great tasting whisky.”

The bottles won’t be sold, instead they’ll be included in the family archive alongside the blending book for future generations.

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