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Friday 29 August 2014

Valdubón attempts to redefine Ribera del Duero

23rd May, 2012 by Patrick Schmitt

Valdubón has released a new style of Ribera del Duero which it believes will attract more consumers to the region’s wines.

First shown to the UK trade at the London International Wine Fair yesterday, Valdubón’s winemaker Javier Aldro told the drinks business that dramatically reduced maceration times had resulted in a much softer and ligher wine style.

“If you want low tannins and soft fruit you must reduce the quality of time the wine spends in contact with the skins,” he said.

The new wine style, a Consecha 2011, is the result of a three-day maceration, compared to an average of 21-25 days for a Crianza or Reserva.

The wine will have an RRP of around £10 in theUKoff-trade, and, believes Valdubón parent company Freixenet, could change perceptions of the region’s wines.

Graham Fortune,UKmanaging director at Freixenet, added, “By having something more accessible we may bring new consumers to this market.”

He also told db that the winery was inspired to make a different and lighter style of Ribera del Duero – a region famous for its warming and tannic, age-worthy reds – by UK buyers.

He also said that Valdubón is “the only one in the region to make this wine style”.

And stated, “this could change the way young wines from Ribera del Duero are considered”.

Valdubón was founded in 1997 and owns 155 hectares of vineyards in Ribeiro de Duero.

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