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Wednesday 20 August 2014

Wine Australia goes pay as you go

19th April, 2012 by Martin Crummy

Wine Australia is changing to a pay as you go funding model to offer more options and greater flexibility for wine businesses.

Instead of paying a set membership fee covering all programmes, businesses will be able to register and pay at the start of the year just for those activities in which they wish to participate.

From the 2012/13 year, starting on 1 July, companies do not need to sign up for the full annual program in each market. Instead they are able to select the best markets that fit their brands.

There will be activities in domestic and emerging markets, as well as in traditional export markets.

James Gosper, Wine Australia’s general manager, said: “We believe our market programmes are well established and we are now at the stage where we can build in a bit more flexibility without compromising what we offer.”

“This evolution allows us to present a diverse range of activities to our increasingly diverse range of stakeholders.

“It is important to note, however, that this is not a change in marketing strategy. The corporation will continue to provide industry with core strategic activities aligned with the strategy and funded through export levy revenues. This includes maintaining our international offices.”

A prospectus for individual brand investment will be distributed in early May to wine producers, importers, agents and other stakeholders.

Wine Australia is hoping that the user-pays programs will “allow the industry to jointly invest in the future of the category.”

User-pays activities include Australian pavilions at trade shows, on- and off-premise retail promotions, consumer-focused festivals, sponsorship and events and Australian category trade/media tastings.

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