Only Ausone gets 100 point potential from Parker

29th April, 2012 by Rupert Millar

Critic Robert Parker has awarded only one potential 100 pointer in his provisional scores for the 2011 vintage.

Ausone was awarded 96-100 points, while Lafite was awarded only 90-93 in the estate’s worst performance since its 88 points in 1993.

The scores were described on Twitter as “incredible” and “making a lot of sense”.

Lafite’s poor scores echo Liv-ex’s merchant round-up which pointed to the estate as the “disappointment of the vintage”.

Parker described the vintage as “much better than I first thought and could turn out to be close in overall quality to 2001 and 2008”.

However, having been criticised for scoring 2008 higher than it might have deserved, Parker has clearly been careful to be stricter with his scoring this year.

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One Response to “Only Ausone gets 100 point potential from Parker”

  1. Steve Webb says:

    Price is the biggest but not the only issue with the red wines of 2011. Many have tannins from the small Cabernet Sauvignon grapes (early season drought and late season sun) that are out of balance with the fruit (lack of Summer sun). It makes sense to wait until these are in bottle before taking any purchase risks.

    Sauternes is a different story and the conditions that were so poor for the reds played into the hands of the sweet wines in 2011. Yields are low but the botrytis was intense and sudden upon grapes that held good fresh fruit flavours and low acidity – these wines are modern in style and really make you sit up and take notice of them. Pricing is good too for these wines so risk is low.

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