Nicolas stores to be rebranded

The Nicolas stores recently purchased by Benoît Thouvenin are to be rebranded as Spirited Wines and have their ranges altered.

Photo credit: Local Data Company

Most of the 43 stores in London will complete their transition before the Olympics this summer although Thouvenin said he would not under any circumstances “change the range before the name”.

Speaking to the drinks business, Thouvenin said that his first priority was to “reorganise the back-end” in preparation for the arrival of the new wines.

The new additions will be the best-sellers from Spirited Wines portfolio and focus particularly on Spain and Italy. Thouvenin said he was keen to give the stores more of a “world view”, however, he stressed that above all “Europe is important for us”.

He also said that there would be an increased focus on spirits, with an aim to “try to put forward new things, new trends” and highlighted “partnerships” with brands such as Dictador rum which is being introduced to the UK market and that his stores will now stock.

Spirited Wines currently operates 13 stores around the country, with branches in Edinburgh, Manchester and Shrewsbury among other places.




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